(Vintage) champagne

Are you looking for the most original champagne gift or a delicious champagne for New Year's Eve? Then you have come to the right place at cellarwijnen.nl. It's only once a year that a really good party happens. A unique occasion calls for a unique gift. For example, think of a wine - port - champagne from her or his year of birth or from a year with another fun event.
Our wine cellar contains a wealth of old, special and exclusive wines, champagnes and port. Many vintages of different wines are present. A unique gift guaranteed. With a beautiful, traditional wine box you always have a suitable gift to give for Christmas or another festive day. The wooden wine box is supplied with a layer of wood wool to fill, decorate and protect the wines. The goal of Kelderwijnen.nl is to ensure that you make a good impression on the recipient of your gift. You will be praised for originality when the recipient opens the gift. No one can accuse you of not being original. Red wine | White wine. | Champagne.| Rose. | Sparkling wine. | Port wine.


When there is something to celebrate and a toast is going to be made, we immediately think of champagne. It also remains a very festive and, above all, delicious drink. Do you like it sweet or brut or a mixture of both? Something for everyone.

Real champagne

Champagne can only be called champagne if it comes from France, from the champagne region. This name is protected and may absolutely not be used by anyone else. This way you know that when you drink champagne and this is stated on the bottle that you are really dealing with champagne. There are certainly other tasty sparkling wines. Sure. But nothing beats a real glass of champagne 🙂
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