Barolo Bertolo 1952

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An old bottle of wine can make a great gift for any anniversary party or birthday. It is a gift that has value and can be kept and enjoyed for many years to come. Whether it's a 25th anniversary, a 50th birthday or another special occasion, an old bottle of wine is a gift that is always appreciated.

A bottle of wine from the recipient's birth year or anniversary year can be extra special and make the gift even more personal. It shows that you have paid attention to the personal details and makes the anniversary or birthday extra special.

Add an extra touch with an optional vintage-look wine box. A completely beautiful and unique gift for the recipient. 🍷✨

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1 review for Barolo Bertolo 1952

  1. Sophie Hilbrand

    Seriously old wine, my dad was crazy when I arrived with this wine. Really fun! tkx

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