Christmas gifts

Looking for an original Christmas gift? Then you have come to the right place at
Christmas only comes once a year and a unique occasion calls for a unique gift.
For example, think of a wine from her or his birth year or from a year with another fun event. Special Christmas gifts.

Our wine cellar contains a wealth of old, special and exclusive wines. Many vintages of different wines are present. Guaranteed a unique Christmas gift.

With a beautiful, traditional wine box you always have a suitable gift to give for Christmas or Sinterklaas. The wooden wine box is supplied with a layer of wood wool to fill, decorate and protect the wines.

The goal of is to ensure that you make a good impression on the recipient of your gift. You will be praised for originality when the recipient opens the gift. No one can accuse you of not being original.
Christmas gifts.

A vintage or old wine is a wonderful and original Christmas gift for the wine lover in your life. When choosing a Christmas gift, it is important to choose something that is personal and meaningful.

A vintage or old wine is an excellent choice because it is not only a delicious drink, but also a piece of history in a bottle. You can choose to select a bottle of wine from a specific year, such as the recipient's year of birth or the year in which a special event took place.

Another option is to give a wine box as a gift with several bottles of wine from different vintages. This can be a fun and interesting way to compare how the wine develops and changes as the years go by.

At our wine shop we have an extensive selection of old wines from many different regions and vintages. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect bottle of wine or wine box for your Christmas gift, and can even personalize the packaging with a special message or engraving.

A vintage or aged wine is a unique and special Christmas gift that is sure to impress the recipient. Contact us today to order your Christmas gift and make the holidays even more special.

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What exactly is Christmas?

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Every year on December 25 and 26. That should be Jesus' birthday, but different people have opinions about that. We just keep it on those dates and honor that tradition.

Gift at Christmas

Quite difficult to find a nice gift to put under the tree. If you want an original Christmas gift, how about an old bottle of wine from a year of birth or marriage. Give a bottle of wine from the year of your parents' or grandparents' wedding. Have the wine packed in a nice wine box, and you are all set. Your gift is guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms.
“Wow, how original” “How did you come up with that” 🙂

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