50 years married?

A 50th wedding anniversary, also known as a golden wedding, is an incredible milestone that deserves a special and meaningful gift. An old wine from the year of the wedding is a beautiful and unique gift to give to the golden anniversary couple.

At our wine shop we have an extensive selection of old wines from different regions and vintages, allowing you to choose the perfect bottle of wine to match the couple's year of marriage. This bottle of wine is a piece of history. A bottle that the couple can cherish and share during their anniversary celebration.

Nowadays when one reaches a 50 year anniversary it is an exception rather than a fact. Surprise the anniversary couple with a personalized gift that will impress them both.

Take them back in time. Here you go, A wine from the year YOU got married!

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50 years married

Golden wedding

The vintage wine has an emotional meaning. Especially as the years go by, a gift from a specific year becomes more and more unique.

You can complete the gift with a vintage wine box or a wooden wine box. This vintage gift is guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms. You will be praised for the original and personal gift!

In the search bar you can enter any year / vintage, you will then be presented with an overview of the wines in stock from your desired year..

Make your gift an undisputed symbol of uniqueness, a luxury to give to a loved one.

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